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About Us
Pound Seat Productions (PSP) is a not-for-profit audio/visual production group formed in 2014 and is aimed at helping writers and performers of any age realise their work in finished form and reach a wider audience. We rely entirely on the good will of volunteers and occasional financial contributions to keep going.

PSP is set up with an open, informal structure, steered by the Production Team. This will normally consist of around six people who have each agreed to take a share of the responsibility for the day to day running of the group and can bring specific skills to the Team. A full list of the current Production Team can be found below.

Based near Cambridge, we help to produce original works by writers of all backgrounds using volunteers and equipment to hand from inception through to completion at no or minimal cost.

We are always looking for new members whatever the level of involvement. If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us using the email link on the
Contact Us page.

Prior to our informal structure PSP was run as a formal group with a committee including a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. At the last AGM in 2016 it was agreed to relax the formal structure in favour of a more open group. The minutes from this AGM can be read by clicking on the button below.

We have maintained our Bank Account with modest funds and any records relating to income and expenditure are still available on request.
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Pound Seat Productions AGM 2016
Saturday 13th August

This took place at Brampton Mill on what proved to be a very pleasant summer’s afternoon. There are some significant changes to our set up which we hope will prove to everyone’s benefit.


Annual General Meeting Saturday 13.08.16

Present: Sarah Hogben
Kim Loader
Mick White
Chris Thurmott (in person!)
Matthew Rix

No Apologies

This are the last formal ‘minutes of the meeting’.

1. Election of Officers

The following members were duly elected as follows:

Chair: Kim Loader

Treasurer: Mick White

Secretary: Chris Thurmott.

2. Proposal to disband the existing structure of PSP in favour of an Open Group.

It was immediately proposed by KL that we no longer commit to a formal structure but continue to run PSP as an open group. This means that anyone who is part of the group (or even not part of the group) may form a production team from it’s members according to preference and need. There will no longer be a committee but instead a permanent team of production co-ordinators available to assist anyone who would like to propose a project. However, the role of ‘producer’ will not be limited to those on the Production Team and anyone may take on this role for a given project.

This motion was carried and the first task of the Chairman was to dismiss the committee.

3. Production Team (core members).

The current Production Team members are:

Sarah Hogben
Mick White
Chris Thurmott
Matthew Rix
Kim Loader

A suggested maximum of six members seems about right to maintain day to day running but the make up and the size of the team is through mutual agreement of its members.

Some Production Team members will continue to maintain specific tasks:

Mick White will continue to keep a financial record and Kim Loader will continue to manage the website and communications.

The larger ‘membership’ will be broadly defined by anyone who wishes to be on the mailing list and information about productions and recruitment will be sent to everyone on the mailing list, as will social media and web site updates, via responsive emails.

3. Finance

The current balance for the group is £184.43. Of this £30 is owed for website software and £20 for responsive email software leaving £134.43. Since the expenditure of the group is very small this should be enough to tide us over for a while.

It was agreed that we no longer ask for a £5 annual fee (payable on involvement) but explore other means of raising funds such as a modest contribution from those involved in each production - e.g. £1 per person which could also could also be regarded as a ‘share purchase’ so that, in the event of a profit, members holding shares might actually receive a financial return. PSP should also hold an allocated free share in each production it makes.

4. Newsletter via Responsive Email

KL will use the new email software to compose a newsletter outlining these changes to members and will make these last minutes available on the website.

We hope these changes will encourage broader participation and more diverse talent to create ideas and see them through in both audio and visual (no limits to genre).

We thank those who met up with us on the 13th of August at Brampton Mill - we were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather in a beautiful setting.

Kim Loader (Chair)
Production Team.

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Production Team Members
Chris Thurmott: Editor, Casting, Production Co-ordinator

Sarah Hogben: Director

Mick White: Production Engineer, Audio Technician, Finances

Matthew Rix: Writer, Director, Producer, Video/Film Production

Kim Loader: Web Site, Equipment Facilitator, Video/Film Production
Members can also lend a hand with other aspects of programme production and are frequently engaged with similar activities, such as local drama groups, outside of their involvement with PSP.

If you are interested in joining the Production Team and can bring existing or new skills to the group then we would love to hear from you.
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